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Introducing mel

Here with you

Mel is an app designed for women to keep track of all the things she needs to do and remember.

Our sole purpose is to reduce the invisible weight (mental load) of thinking about and planning for the entire family by structuring, reminding and sharing the load.

We get it – life is pretty busy.

Kids, spouse/partner, pets, chores, career, health, rego’s, insurances, birthdays, personal goals — whatever life looks like for you. 

We ensure the things that need to be done are structured, allocated and sorted in a way that makes it easier to manage and share the mental load of raising kids and managing a household. 

One place for everything

Consolidate your phone notes, post-its, calendar entries, paperwork, emails you send yourself and anything else that isn’t actually written down anywhere. 

All into a single purposefully designed place.

Share with another

With Mel you can create to-do lists based on priorities and allocate and share tasks with your spouse/partner, and they will be reminded of their tasks.

And if you are rocking single life, all your to-do’s are shared with Mel helping you stay on top of your life admin. 

Never miss a thing

Mel will remind you before anything expires or auto renews and ahead of individual events that require a gift.

We will even suggest items based on your preferences. So you can relax knowing it’s not all on you. We’ve got your back. 

I am a half-assed wife, a half-assed parent,  a half-assed employee, a half-assed friend.

Brene Brown

Far too many mothers feel this way

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Launching 2022

Our team is working overtime to bring families and especially mums the Mel app. We would love for you to pre-register so we can tell you the moment Mel is available for download.